When you think about customer failures and support, most likely the company has done something wrong. But in rare instances, the customer is wrong. In their effort to share their bad experiences or just seeking assistance from the company, these people have taken it to Twitter and other social media for their answers. But as with anything else, think twice before you click; these folks did not.

Here are ten Customer Fails on Twitter:

  1. Domino’s. Before concluding and tweeting out, next time, ensure that you’re considering at both sides of the story.

2. Tesco’s Stand-Up. The Twitter account of Tesco also seems to work as a stand-up comedian.

3. My Ex’s a Snake.

Paul is being hilarious and managed to make Tesco’s manager laugh a little.

4. Single Dad. Single Dad is quite lonely, asking the Xbox support queries only a best friend can truthfully answer!

5. O2’s Burn. James Rhodes should certainly take a cold shower. But that cold water won’t even heal the burn.

6. The Customer’s Tounge. It’s an awesome thing that ArgosHelpers can talk their customers’ language.

7. Virgin Trains. Folks, now you know that Virgin Trains will always be there in times of need.

8. The London Overground. Seriously, you can’t just blame public transport for being constantly late. Try waking up early.

9. A Pink Dog. At least you now got a nice pink dog.

10. Royal Mail. Royal Mail has certainly got some jokes up their sleeve and envelopes.