There are some pictures on the internet that too good to be true. These photos are so perfectly timed that it is difficult to understand just how the snapper had shot them at the right time. A lot of these pictures look as though they have been edited or photoshopped, but actually, they just happen to be taken just the right time. Once you take a look at these pictures, you will you had taken them.

Here are the ten most amazingly timed photos ever taken. Let us know in the comments section if you have ever taken one of these:

The Horse’s Head Man!

If you have heard of the sleepy hollow’s the headless horseman, well, this is his cousin. In fact, it is only a horse with its head taken at just the perfect time. Still, it looks creepy and weird.

A Water Hat

This picture makes the kid looks as though his head is covered in water. It appears that the snapper hit the capture button at the perfect time!

The Legend Is True

Have ever of that stork legend? This photo proves that all those sex-ed in school were a hoax! The stork really does bring babies to people.

Nice Legs Dude

This is photo is epic! Take a closer look at the picture and figure out how they pulled this off. Note that this is not photoshopped!

Totally Tubular

These folks look like they’re having a great time with the waves! It looks quite real!

Making Friends?

Dogs have a sensitive smell. Apparently, this one had way too much sense of smell. I am sure they’ll get along just fine.

She Has The Power

I am just happy to know that Victor Frankenstein did not make the Statue of Liberty. It would be weird if she got up and began chasing people.

I See You!

It just weirds me out just by thinking of it! This would really be a disturbing hybrid if it occurred in real life. I’d call her Lady Mothzilla.

Love is in the Air

These women appear to have practiced and practiced this until they achieved their desired result. But still, let us also give credit to the snapper in this one.

The Fire Is Happy!

This picture looks absolutely like it was photoshopped. It has to be. But it is only incredible timing where the fire bends and moves to a point where it appears like it’s smiling!