Prepare your mind to a bizzare adventure because we are about to unveil 10 of the craziest attractions and theme parks for adults. These are places around the world that will give you crazy thoughts and make you wanna grab the camera and take pictures.

Chambers of Horror

Chambers of Horror in Atlanta.

Chambers of Horror in Atlanta is a very horrifying and disturbing haunted house, which will certainly give you horrific nightmares. The house is created by brilliant artists such as Luke Godfrey Rene Arriagada, who worked in US shows like The Walking Dead.

Amora, London

Amora London

Museums are intended for learning. However, Amora is not like the museums you’ve known or been to. Amora is also called the “Academy of Sex,” and is more like a sex or erotica museum.
The majority of their exhibits are “hands-on” or interactive. Here, you can learn about sex more, speak to a sex therapist, and they even have a so-called “Spank-o-meter”! This place will aid you to find your erogenous zones through interactive sculptures, play erotic games, enhance your kissing ability, and many more. The Academy of Sex ran for nearly two years and was found in Piccadilly Circus, London. Sadly, they are now closed.

Jeju Loveland, South Korea

Jeju Loveland has been quite a landmark in South Korea, with only minutes away from the Jeju International Airport. You can find a number of works of art in Jeju Loveland, which are on sex. The park was created by local art students who designed various sculptures to highlight the natural beauty of sex.

Guinness Book of World Records

Guiness Book of World Records

In 2010, a number of nudists joined in the effort to break a Guinness World Record in raising money for charity. The event was taken part by 102 people who broke the record, riding the Green Scream Rollercoaster at Adventure Island, UK. The effort raised 22,000 GBP for the Keyhole Cancer Appeal by Southend Hospital Foundation.

Penis Park, Korea

Penis Park

The Haeshindang Park or Penis Park in South Korea is quite popular around the globe. Legend has it that the park was devoted for a young, virgin woman whose boyfriend – a fisherman – left her on a rock as he caught fish. A strong storm came, and the woman died. After her passing, villagers couldn’t catch fish. Therefore, they attempted to please the virgin women by making giant wooden penises to please her spirit and surprisingly, it worked.

The park has currently numerous phallic statues, with numerous sexual art and icons from numerous cultures, rituals, and history of the area’s fishing community.

Erotkaland, Brazil

Erotkaland Brazil

Erotikaland is Brazil’s first adult-only, theme-park, featuring attractions like cinemas with vibrating seats, a train of pleasure with the go-g- girls and boys, nudist pool, erotic playground bumper vehicle rides that look like penises and vaginas, and a lot more kinky stuff! The park is set to open in 2018 in Sao Paolo.

Dig This, Las Vegas

Dig This, Las Vegas

Dig This is basically a giant sandbox full of challenges, activities, and obstacle courses. You can also operate excavators, bulldozers, and other heavy construction equipment. The activities are certainly for adults only!

BH Mallorca, Spain

BH Mallorca, Spain

Spain has a new water park intended for adults only and it awesome! BH Mallorca opened in 2015 and is a spin-off from the Ibiza resort. The park features a 360-degree roller coaster, adrenaline-rush water slides, 656 suites, and weekly sets by well-known DJs!

La Cité du Vin, France

La Cité du Vin, France

A theme park that free filled with alcohol and free from annoying kids. Well, this sounds like an adult paradise. This amazing park is known as the City of Wine or Cité du Vin found in Bordeaux, France.
The park features sections and wine-themed exhibits all about wine: culture, history, and more. However, there are no rides but there one simulated boat ride that features a wine merchant, sailing the globe