You may not know it yet but human beings have been trying to contact aliens – some ways intentionally and some unintentionally.

Here are 10 ways humans are trying to contact aliens

The thought that aliens existed thrills a lot of science enthusiasts and over many years, they have conducted numerous experiments to prove whether or not creatures exist on otherworldly planets. One way to find out about this hypothesis was to attempt to communicate with these aliens. The countless research was carried out just for contacting them. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was created to test numerous questions concerning particle physics and other questions. Some said that the huge power output of this particle accelerator could even allow aliens to recognize it and perhaps, respond.

Large Hadron Collider

NASA has been studying this as well. Back in the 70’s, they worked on the Voyager missions. Through this program, NASA sent numerous probes in the solar system that contained golden vinyl that carried recorded music, sounds, information, and speech so that the astronomers could determine if they could get responses.

Space Probe

Through this research, it was also discovered that aliens have been coming up with crop circles to contact humans, whose sole purpose was to contact humans. The reason behind these symbols was that they would aid the scientists to get the attention of the aliens if any spaceship passes from close by.

Crop circles

One major change of human society that humans have now become so dependent with computers to solve their problems. The question concerning how people would know if aliens are contacting has been widely studied by scientists like Dr. John Elliot of SETI. He created an algorithm that will help them determine the signals from space are deliberate communications or random impulses.
One unusual way adopted by humans to communicate with the extra-terrestrial was by transmitting commercials out of the planet. The EISCAT research institute transmitted a Doritos commercial in 2008 at a potentially habitable location in space. That transmission happened for six hours after it had been encoded in binary form.

Complex codes

Humans are also quite desperate to contact aliens that they are willing to cross any boundary to achieve this goal. Music is also one of the many ways that scientists used to communicate with aliens because of utilized Theremin – an electrical musical instrument capable of voice transmission over long distances. The notion was introduced by Alexander Zaitsev, a Russian scientist who thought composing music and broadcasting it to nearby stars would aid the endeavor.

Composing music using Theremin

After the technological advancement, IR has been replaced. However, SETI researchers are utilizing robust sensors that can distinguish IR signals from even light years away! This will not just confirm that we are not alone in the universe, but it will also aid scientists to determine where the signals come from.

Infrared Sensors

The Voyager program wasn’t the sole effort made the scientists because the Pioneer 10 and 11 were special spacecraft thrown into a specific direction because researchers hoped that aliens would intercept them. These probes contained a special plaque that could display what humans look like as well as a map to guide them where the earth is found.

The Arecibo message was the brainchild of Carl Sagan and Frank Drake and is designed to send many different messages into space. The Arecibo message contained information is important as the DNA structure, elements’ atomic numbers, and images of life, but it appears that aliens aren’t interested in communication with people as they never responded.

Alien commercials

Lastly, a 2015 project launched by Professor Stephen Hawking, also called the Breakthrough project, is a $100 million project whose goals are to carry out studies on nearby planets and stars, seeking abnormal signs. Also, it includes pointing telescopes into certain locations so that the data can be gathered and analyzed.

Breakthrough Initiative

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