12 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

7. Join Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs have a lot of pros and cons to them. But if done right can actually pay quite well. What a person has to realize though is that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme as some places to advertise it to be. It requires research and some work but if a person can get it right it can be very rewarding.

There are many good affiliate networks on the market with Amazon Associates

being top of the list there are others such as Clickbank, eBay Partner Network, Avantlink to name but a few. Just remember to do research on each company, know their rules and what they are going to require from you as well as what they are offering!

8. Read Books and get paid

For all the avid readers out there why not get paid to do what you love?

There are many opportunities for book lovers on the internet. If you can do copyediting there are a lot of online magazines that will pay for your services. If you want to do copyediting but do not as yet have the certification to do so there are also some online certification courses that can help you get this too.

While you are getting certified you still have the potential to earn some cash or even free books. Places like the “Online Book Club”, “The US Review” and “Kirkus” pay for various book reviews, etc. Places like AXP books always have authors looking for people to read and review their books as such you get their latest titles for free.