12 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

11. Get paid to play and review video games

For everyone who loves video games, this is kind of a dream job. But there are actually many ways in which you can play various online games to earn a bit of cash.

They will not make you an instant millionaire or become your regular day job, but they can bring in a nice little bit of extra monthly pocket money. 

There are sites that you can join that you play tournaments or reach specific levels, some just pay you to download the game itself such as “App Cent”. There are quite a few other apps like it such as “AppNana” and “Cash Crate”.

Sites like “Bananatic” and “Game-Testers” are test sites where players get to play various games, write reviews and get paid a bit of cash to do so. They gamers are given various tasks they have to do in the game in order to check for any glitches or bugs in a game. 

12. Become an eMystery Shopper

eMystery shopper is a way to help monitor various shopping experiences on the internet. 
This is a great site where you get to survey your online shopping experience of a certain site there are also various focus groups, chit-chat groups where you get paid to have your say, share your opinions and ideas.