Making money online is not a myth and there are legitimate ways to do so! 

Some of you reading this have probably been caught in the never-ending loop of information out there on how to make money online. Some have probably been burned by the “too good to be true” financial freedom schemes that pop up.

Don’t worry and don’t give up as we have 12 legit ways to make money online. All a person needs is a computer, a decent internet connection and you can basically work from home or anywhere really. 

1. Become a Freelancer -Sell your talent(s)

There are a lot of positions that are available online these days. People/companies are always looking for online help. Sites such as have a wide variety of choices for their freelancers. They advertise for both short terms, once off and even long-term contracts. 

You can find contracts for just about anything from various IT jobs to article and ghost-writing positions. It is not easy as a person has to build up their reputation and bid on various projects, but it is worth the effort in the long run.

One key piece of advice is to stand out for the rest of the bidders by ensuring what you write in the “Project proposal” box makes your bid stand out. Don’t make flowery promises, be precise, honest and show the employer why you are the best candidate! is a micro freelancing site that allows you to market your talents to those who may need your services. Simply set up a free profile, and pitch away. You can set your own rates and hours, and you keep 80 percent of what you make.

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2. Make Money Online with Surveys

They do not make you rich and they tend to take time to add up the pennies. But you can take online surveys where you are asked various questions about anything from a product to how you feel about certain economic changes.

They pay anywhere from $2 to $50 per survey some even higher.   

  • MySurveyJobs – is the most popular place to earn quick cash by taking online surveys and sharing your opinion. You can easily find bunch high paying surveys with them.

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Other sites like “Survey Voices“, “Swagbucks”, “SurveyJunkie”, “Toluna Opinions” and InboxDollars are a good place to start with your online surveys. 

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3. Start Blogging

Blogging is a good way to start making some extra cash. Starting your own blog is a great way to getting into what we like to term “ghost-blogging”. Not only could your own blog start to bring in some extra monthly cash, but it can open doors to another potential income stream.

With most large media companies having some form of online media presences these days they also need content for their sites. Granted a lot of the mainstream media corporations have large in-house writing teams but that does not mean they are not on the lookout for new remote talent.

There are also the smaller sites that are in need of good writers and they pay well. Sites such as “Freedom with Writing” have lists of various online sites looking for freelance writers.

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4. Create Websites

Today a person does not have to be a top-notch programmer to become a good website designer.

With platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc. it is not too hard to start a career in designing and creating beautiful, simple websites. There are a lot of people wanting websites for various reasons. Today most things are done online such as weddings, birthday’s, etc. With beautiful design templates and easy add-ons at a person’s fingertips you could become a great online-events planner. 

If you can use HTMS, JAVA, Python, C++, etc. that is an added bonus as there is quite a high demand for freelancers with these skills. If you do not have these skills but are interested the internet is filled with courses on getting to learn them. Remember you are never too old to learn new skills!

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5. Sell online

Online shopping has come a long way since it first began. In fact most people these days prefer to shop online. If anything should prove that the December rush should! With busy executives not being afforded the time to rush out of their offices to shopping, the internet provides them a way they can do it from their office.

You can sell most things online from paintings to arts and crafts. Selling your goods online also enables you to get your products out to a wider market! 

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6. Teach online

There is a big call for English teachers these days. There are many companies on the internet that offer certificates such as the TEFL/TESOL English certification. This enables a person to teach English online or even at various schools abroad. The company you get your certification through usually offers both online courses to get the certification or even on campus if there is one in your area.

Once certified the company will put you in touch with various places that are looking for online teachers. 

But English is not the only thing a person can teach online! Skillshare is a site where you can share your skills online and get paid to do so.

7. Join Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs have a lot of pros and cons to them. But if done right can actually pay quite well. What a person has to realize though is that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme as some places to advertise it to be. It requires research and some work but if a person can get it right it can be very rewarding.

There are many good affiliate networks on the market with Amazon Associates being top of the list there are others such as Clickbank, eBay Partner Network, Avantlink to name but a few. Just remember to do research on each company, know their rules and what they are going to require from you as well as what they are offering!

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8. Read Books and get paid

For all the avid readers out there why not get paid to do what you love?

There are many opportunities for book lovers on the internet. If you can do copyediting there are a lot of online magazines that will pay for your services. If you want to do copyediting but do not as yet have the certification to do so there are also some online certification courses that can help you get this too.

While you are getting certified you still have the potential to earn some cash or even free books. Places like the “Online Book Club”, “The US Review” and “Kirkus” pay for various book reviews, etc. Places like AXP books always have authors looking for people to read and review their books as such you get their latest titles for free.

9. UpWork

Upwork is like Freelancer where you bid on various projects with your skill set.

The site is filled with various online job opportunities such as Virtual Assistants, Website designers, Ghostwriters and in fact, it has quite a lot of jobs for the skilled writer.

They tend to vet both their freelancers and those looking for freelancers quite well. This is demonstrated by the quality of work that is offered on the site.

10. Sell your unused items

I am not sure about you but watching Hoarders should be enough to make anyone want to spring clean no matter the season!

Some of the stuff you may have stored away in your basement, closets, storage units or lofts may actually be able to bring you in some cash. The best thing about living in the 21st century is that you no longer need to have a yard sale to sell it!

A few good pictures of the items and you can advertise them on sites such as eBay (or Oodle which is eBay classified), Gumtree, Geebo, Penny Saver USA, etc.

You might be surprised how much some of your items are worth. You never know you may have some old treasures hidden away amongst the cobwebs! 

11. Get paid to play and review video games

For everyone who loves video games, this is kind of a dream job. But there are actually many ways in which you can play various online games to earn a bit of cash.

They will not make you an instant millionaire or become your regular day job, but they can bring in a nice little bit of extra monthly pocket money. 

There are sites that you can join that you play tournaments or reach specific levels, some just pay you to download the game itself such as “App Cent”. There are quite a few other apps like it such as “AppNana” and “Cash Crate”.

Sites like “Bananatic” and “Game-Testers” are test sites where players get to play various games, write reviews and get paid a bit of cash to do so. They gamers are given various tasks they have to do in the game in order to check for any glitches or bugs in a game. 

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12. Become an eMystery Shopper

eMystery shopper is a way to help monitor various shopping experiences on the internet. 
This is a great site where you get to survey your online shopping experience of a certain site there are also various focus groups, chit-chat groups where you get paid to have your say, share your opinions and ideas.