12 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

9. UpWork

Upwork is like Freelancer where you bid on various projects with your skill set.

The site is filled with various online job opportunities such as Virtual Assistants, Website designers, Ghostwriters and in fact, it has quite a lot of jobs for the skilled writer.

They tend to vet both their freelancers and those looking for freelancers quite well. This is demonstrated by the quality of work that is offered on the site.

10. Sell your unused items

I am not sure about you but watching Hoarders should be enough to make anyone want to spring clean no matter the season!

Some of the stuff you may have stored away in your basement, closets, storage units or lofts may actually be able to bring you in some cash. The best thing about living in the 21st century is that you no longer need to have a yard sale to sell it!

A few good pictures of the items and you can advertise them on sites such as eBay (or Oodle which is eBay classified), Gumtree, Geebo, Penny Saver USA, etc.

You might be surprised how much some of your items are worth. You never know you may have some old treasures hidden away amongst the cobwebs!