Timing is everything in sports, same goes for photography. Put the two together, and you’ve got a marriage made in heaven.

A picture is worth thousands of words especially when it taken at perfect timing with high powered DSLR camera.

Check Out These Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

Kick On Face

Football player delivers a flying front kick on his opponents face. This football game has just turned into a WWE match.

Invisible Ledge

As this well known athlete jumps, her feet have taken a straight horizontal position, which allows the photographer to take the most perfect timing photo.

A Skilled Gymnast

katherine coronel, a well-known gymnast from venezuela. She is known for her gymnastic workouts, also known as eurythmics. She is really flexible gymnast, and with the assist of a digicam and perfect timing, this picture came to our attention! Gymnasts can practice from anywhere 15- 20 hours a day from a young age, helping them to sharpen their flexibility and ability to get admiration from the crowds.

Dad Saving Boy

You can see the exact moment that a boy was saved from a baseball bat by his dad! The guy seated in front from him is also trying to catch the bat. We’re so glad someone managed to catch this perfect moment on camera!

Sports/Game Commentator doing some field work. He is oblivious of the ball flying towards his head.
Football player hurled in the air while opponent tackles him. The move looked like John Cena’s F4.