As the eldest daughter of the US president, Ivanka Trump is making headlines in the media. However, many of us don’t know that she plays a vital role in the political policies and campaigns of her father by pulling young voters. What makes her so special and unprecedented?

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2. She used to be a model in high school

After transferring to a boarding school in Connecticut, Ivanka Trump lost all contacts with her friends. Thus, she chose to become a model to have fun and escape the reality. Though she didn’t really enjoy it, Ivanka was a part of many top brands’ campaigns like Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, or Marc Bouwer.



3. She attended the Wharton Business School

After graduating from Georgetown University, Ivanka Trump attended the Wharton Business School and acquired a master degree in Econ in 2004. Her sister, brother, and father also graduated from this school as well.

4. She appeared on “Gossip Girl” and “Project Runway”

In 2016, Ivanka Trump accepted to be a judge on the fashion show “Project Runway” after hesitating on becoming a boardroom member in “The Apprentice”. After that, she and her husband also starred on the drama “Gossip Girl” as guest actors.


5. Ivanka is a scheduled and caring mom

Not only is Ivanka Trump a successful businesswoman, she also a caring mother and wife. In her biography, Ivanka Trump wrote that her parenting includes many routines. She read two books each day to Arabella, play cars with Joseph, and give Theodore at least 2 or 3 bottles.

6. Her Jewish faith is important

Though Ivanka Trump doesn’t come from a Jewish family, she had to convert to Judaism in 2007 to marry Jared Kushner. In an interview in 2015, she called the conversion an important decision in her life. She observes the Sabbath, strictly keeps Kosher and follow all the rules of the Jewish.

7. She used to support Hillary Clinton

Given that Donald Trump keeps calling Hillary Clinton a criminal and corrupt, her daughter was once her supporter by donating to the 2008 campaign. In fact, other member families also made donations, including Donald Trump Jr. and Marla Maples, the second wife of the US president.


8. She supports the LGBT community

In her tweet in 2017, Ivanka said that she was proud to support her LGBT friends and those LGBT Americans who immensely contribute to the economy and society. This made her quickly become a popular figure, especially among teenagers and adults.

9. She is devoted to charities

In line with her rapport with the Jewish religion, Ivanka Trump has a few ties to some Jewish charities. Her husband and she have donated a lot of money for the Chai Lifeline, an organization which is responsible for looking after kids with cancer. Also, she is involved with the United Hatzalah, a volunteer-based medical service based in Jerusalem.

10. Ivanka is popular with Chinese people

Many Chinese people consider Ivanka “a generational, genetic, and Caucasian miracle.” Most of them also think that she looks Chinese. Many tabloids in this country even track her activities and movements, while other companies filed trademarks with the word “Ivanka” to distribute their products.

11. She has her own businesses

After stepping down from the executive role in the Trump Organization, Ivanka has established her own businesses in fashion. These include jewelry, glasses, kid’s shoes, handbags, and clothing. She also created a lifestyle website and posted articles about fashion, life, and career advice, particularly for women.


12. She has written two books

Ivanka published the Trump Card – her first book – in 2009. This self-help tome aims at working women who want to strive for their career. In 2017, she continued introducing her second book: Women Who Work”, which focused on useful career advice on how women can succeed. Though both books received many negative reviews, they showed her support for women movements.

Women Who Work by Ivanka Trump