13 All Time Creepiest Pictures That Will Give You Nightmares

6. Isla de las Muñecas or Island of the Dolls

The island was originally owned by Don Julian Santana Barrera. The legend goes that Barrera found a girl who drowned mysteriously whom he couldn’t save. Shortly afterward, Barrera witnessed a floating doll close to the canals, which probably belong to the dead girl. He took the doll and hanged it on a tree, as a means of respect and support of the girl’s spirit.

Barrera claimed he was haunted by the girl’s spirit and began hanging more dolls on trying to please the spirit. Then he realized that the dolls themselves were controlled by spirits of many dead girls, and kept on collecting dolls and hung them all over the entire island. It was as though Barrera was entirely driven by an invisible force that changed him forever.

After years and years of collecting and hanging dolls, Barrera was found dead. He drowned in the same area where the girl did. A lot of people in the area believe that Barrera joined the spirits of the island.