A Fearless Man Lives with Lions for 35 Days

The world is just like a Jungle, you either rumble and dominate or lock-up and fade away. The king of the Jungle i.e. Lion is the most dominant animal of the jungle. The sleep of the lion is the heart of every courageous man. But here, in case of the Zoo Keeper, the situation was absolutely different. The Zoo keeper was so passionate of living with the lions that he spent almost five weeks with his Lions. He just planned to climb into the enclosure with the beasts at the Zoo where he was the Zoo keeper.

Lion king: Zoo keeper Alexander Pylyshenko shares a tender moment with an African lioness as he rests his head and affectionately scratches her neck

A 40 years old Alexander Pylyshenko, spent his most life on studying lions. He believes that he can easily spent 5 weeks with the beast in his own private zoo located in Ukrainian city of Vasylivka, around 500 km from the capital Kiev. 

During the first week, whenever anybody hears that a fearless man lived with lions for 35 days, all were taking it as a joke as when the lion’s are bumping up against people and their cattle, the conflicts are really inevitable. They need large herbivores to survive and for giving birth to cubs, so whenever people retrieve wildebeest and Zebras with the cattle and sheep, it is just a constituent of time up till deal livestock results.