Food. It releases endorphins and makes everybody happy. But desserts can make you want to crave for more! Most of us feel our mood quickly lifted when we eat sweet snacks because I mean who doesn’t like sweets? We kill for this food! But getting stressed of making a delicious snack is taxing. We crave these things on a day-to-day basis but who likes to run into the kitchen and spend hours making them?

We want to have something as a snack that’s not just sweet but can be preserved for a long time so you can just get it anytime you want. It would even be better if it were chocolate-made because who doesn’t like chocolate?

Today we have a perfect snack recipe for you! It’s called, Mars Rice Crispy. The best part of this recipe is that it only requires four ingredients that are easily available everywhere. All you need is a few Mars chocolate bars or a milky bar in case you live in America, butter, rice crispies, and cooking chocolate.

I have a perfect sweet snack recipe only for you – the Mars Rice Crispy! And the best part; it only requires four, easily available ingredients. All you need are:

• a few Mars chocolate bars (a milky bar)
• butter
• rice crispies
• cooking chocolate.

First, cut the Mars bars into smaller pieces for easy melting. (You may use any chocolate brand, but we think Mars is the best because of the caramel in it, which makes your snack taste better.) Put the smaller Mars pieces into a bowl, which is over a pan filled with simmering water.

chocolate bars

Second, add butter into the bowl so both ingredients can melt at once. (The butter acts as an adhesive for Mars, so everything is intact.) Keep stirring using a whisk to make it look even and because chocolate does not melt that easily.

butter in bowl

Third, once the Mars bar and butter have completely melted, take out the bowl from pan and save them for later use. Put the cooking chocolate in a different bowl and put the bowl over a pan. While being heated, whisk the mars and butter mixture until lumps have completely gone.

Chocolate and butter

Put the rice crispies in a bowl and pour the mixture on it. Mix them using a spoon so that the rice crispies have are evenly coated with the melted chocolate.

The most remarkable part of this recipe is anybody can make it. You can even use the microwave for melting if you don’t like the stove.

krispie rice

Take a medium-sized baking pan and spread parchment paper on it. Empty the mixture into the pan and use a spoon to level it the entire mixture. After this, check on your cooking chocolate and whisk it so that it’s heated exactly after doing the rest of the work. Then spread the melted chocolate on the pan over the rice crispies. Spread evenly.

The job is finished. Put the pan in the fridge and allow the crispies to cool and settle along with the chocolate. When the Mars Rice Krispie is cooled, lift them from the pan and slice it into big or smaller chunks – however you like it.

Now when you want to eat something sweet and delicious, open your fridge and grab a Mars Rice Krispie Square. We hope you loved our recipe. What are you waiting for? Grab the ingredients and make one for you! Like, comment and share!