1. Coconut crabs can reach up to 3.3 feet wingspan (1 meter)

Here is a particularly impressive selection of giant animals. Some of them are so huge that it is as though they were from another planet. These specimens – whether insects, reptiles or mammals- look quite scary! 

2. A Chinese pig weighting 1984 lbs (900 kg) and a frog over 6.61 lbs (3 kg)

3. The Malaysian fruit bat can reach up to 5.6 feet wingspan (1.7 meters)

4. A Japanese crab spider weighting 41.8 lbs (19 kg) and a tarantula with wingspan of 11.8 inches (30cm)

5. A Nomura jellyfish weighting 440 lbs (200 kg) and a giant freshwater flat fish of 1320 lbs (600 kg)

6. The Amazonian giant millipede (11.8 inches or 30 cm long ) and 2 African giant snails (7.9 inches or 20cm long)

7. A Flanders rabbit bigger than a dog and the Macroptychaster starfish (23.6 inches or 60 cm long)

8. Meet Trigger, a Frisian cow weighting over a ton and discover the Atlas moth, which measures 11.8 in in diameter (30cm)

9. Meet George, a Great Dane that measures 7.3 feet long (2.21 meters) and discover the Chinese giant salamander (3.3 feet / 1 meter long)

10. Meet Brutus, a 18 feet long crocodile (5.5 meters)

11. The Australian earthworm measures from 40 inches to 4 feet long

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