Airports can be an exhausting and funny experience, combine them both and you get funny airport fails!

People often do irrational things when they are bored or frustrated, we’re just funny like that. This post is just an example of how airports can make us do… legendary things! Enjoy!

1. I’m Parking Right Here for the Night!

Lady sleeping on the benches, in between the arms. She seems to sleep soundly knowing that benches’ arms to keep her from falling – though in an awkward position.


That’s my parking spot!

Plane accidentally crashed into the hangar’s door. Plane looks funny as it tore into the hangar’s door after running into it while trying to get inside.


Midgets pulling an airplane…

A group of midgets tries to pull the plane with ropes attached to their bodies. Midgets look funny and helpless as the plane seem immovable in spite of their efforts.


Find a comfortable position, because once the check in is over, it’s time to wait.

Girl sleeps in an awkwardly bent position at the airport. She sleeps face down against the bench and body crouched tightly like a cocoon.


Big strong macho man dressed in pink

Big muscular man wearing pink clothes and accessories – pink coat, shorts, boots bag, hat, and polo sleeve. He’s giving quite a display of his egregious style while checking in.


This woman has definitely reached the end of her rope.

Woman sleeping face down along the airport’s hallway. She covers her head with black cloth as if to hide herself from the other people in the airport.


This man who can’t be trusted

Man slipping under the baggage carousel. The camera takes a shot of his exposed legs as he ease his way inside.


But Daddy, I Don’t Wanna Go to Hawaii

Little girl sleeping face down on the stroller bag. His dad drags her around while checking in.


9 Stormtroopers reporting for duty

Four storm troopers waiting for Darth Vader at the airport. One trooper holds the sign with Vader’s name on it while the other three surveys the area.


10 Leave Me in Peace

Man sleeping on airport’s bench with his upper body held only by the stroller bag. One can wonder how his body manages to balance itself in such an awkward position.


11 This woman is locked up in a transparent suitcase


12 This polar bear is not afraid of anything !

Polar bear strolling around the air field. It makes you wonder what in the world it was doing there. Looking for its next meal perhaps?


13 His mum has found a slightly hazardous way of keeping her little one in one place!

Baby on a storage container carried by the baggage carousel. Mommy doesn’t seem to notice because she’s busy tying up her shoe laces.


14 Well that’s going to be a long ride

Fat guy tries to fit in the plane seat. Seat seem to accommodate only half of his huge body.


15 Sorry to interpret this lovely photo, but you might want to turn back around for a quick sec.

Pilot and copilot enjoying a photo shoot inside the cockpit. In view is another plane that’s about to collide with their plane while they’re smiling it all out.


16 Free entertainment at its best

Guy doing an acrobatic stunt with buddy at the airport. Buddy holds acrobatic guy with one hand while reading a book with the other.


17 Goofing around with acrobatics

The most unlikely trio – one guy carries girl (with white shirt) on his back while both of them holds on to another girl (on black stipes). The trio does the funny pose while drifting with the escalator.


18 Shift worker playing solitaire during work hours

Computer screen of shift worker shows solitaire game. Boarding passengers seem oblivious to it.


19 Boarding on an invisible plane!

Group of passengers hastily walking up the stairs to an invisible plane. Is the plane on stealth mode?


20 How important Aerobics are?

Girl doing yoga pose on the escalator. Once can only wonder how she get passed security.


21 Is That Minka Kelly?

It may come as a surprise to some, but yes, celebrities to take flights, and no, they don’t all own private jets. The gorgeous Minka Kelly was also spotted at the airport, and celebrity spotters seem to enjoy taking pictures at the moment they are passing through baggage and security control.

How do all celebrities manage to look absolutely pristine in casual travel attire? Kelly doesn’t seem to know she’s being snapped. but she’s definitely boasting a gorgeous haircut and a striking pose. Keep up the good work, Minka!

22 Kimmy K At It Again

This time Kimmy K was spotted at the airport, but with a baby in hand and more of a casual look. Oh and did you notice she’s barefoot? While this might just be part of airport security check protocol, she sure pulls off the look so well and nonchalantly.


And of course she has to travel in style boasting all that Louis Vuitton luggage. Kimmy does a great job at looking great at the airport, but it’s definitely not so simple with paparazzi spying on you all the time.

23 Ignorance is Bliss

He might not know it, but by the way he’s standing it seems like he knows how to rock a feathered scarf and bikini bottoms. What’s even funnier is that the guy to his right looks like he’s about to dropkick the “man” donning the bikini.


This couldn’t have been deliberately staged, but placing a poster like that on a partition railing is super smart. The best part is all their facial expressions. Yes, ignorance really is bliss. So, what’s up next?

24 That’s No Fair!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that airports are a place to show love, affection, and emotion. Saying goodbye is never easy and greeting a loved one is filled with excitement. What both these scenarios have in common is that they involve lots of embracing and kissing…which makes this sign just plain cruel!


It’s also the kind of sign you want to knock over with a pickup truck. So, this is a call to hug, kiss, and embrace as much as your heart desires. And if you want to deliberately go against the status quo, visit Aalborg Airport in Denmark to kiss in front of this sign.

25 Strange Airport

People usually hope that their airport security check will go quickly and easily, without drawing any extra attention. Unfortunately for this woman, she was required to expose her midriff in the name of safety, apparently.

She doesn’t look to pleased about it all and seems extremely uncomfortable with the situation. All we can hope is that the security personnel had a good reason for this strange security check and that the woman made it easily onto her flight.

26 Kim Kardashian Spotted Again

When a celebrity is spotted going through airport security it’s always fun, right? Well they’re also human. This was during Kimmy K’s younger years when she sported pretty figure hugging outfits. It almost seems like she knows she’s been spotted and is giving a nice pose.


Most people look sloppy while traveling, but Kim sure knows how to rock her track pants and pair it with a fancy top. For some more hilarious scenes and other celebrities spotted at the airport, read on.

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