Mama Bear Loses Her Cubs, What This Fisherman Did Was Incredible

When a mother bear decided to cross a frozen lake in northern Russia, it was only natural for her cubs to follow her into the icy waters.

Unfortunately, this proved to be a big mistake as the lake’s freezing cold temperatures and stronger-than-expected currents slowly began to sap them of their strength.

Mother bear jumps on land after being separated from her cubs. The currents swept her away after the cubs fell from her back.

The cubs were soon in serious trouble and would need a miracle if they were not to drown. That’s when a boat appeared on the horizon … but would it get to the cubs on time? Read on to find out.

Crossing The Lake

Mother bear and her cubs getting ready to cross the lake. The cubs hang on to mother bear’s back while the later swims on the lake. The freezing water make the crossing dangerous and risky.


Lake Vygozero is a lake in the frozen wastes of north west Russia. The mother bear needed to cross the lake in order to reach the other side. Being big and strong, she could cross the lake with ease; her thick fur protecting her from freezing to death in the icy waters. Her cubs, on the other hand, would have to cling to her for dear life if they were to survive.