Every single day we see new articles in magazines and online about which celeb couples have separated. Life in the spotlight unquestionably puts strain on connections, so it’s obvious that celeb marriages don’t stand the trial of time.

This isn’t simply something which occurred in this generation, and has happened in the celeb world, even with the most cherished superstars. So, there are a select number of celebrities which have possessed the capacity to stand together in the spotlight.

Here, we’re talking about the gorgeous wives of celebrities and their love life.

1. Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard looking fabulous at the red carpet (left). Amber Heard slaying at a photo shoot with her gorgeous clothes (right).

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s short marriage came under media scrutiny when Amber accused Depp of domestic abuse and filed for divorce. She had posted pictures on social media of the alleged abuse and since there was no prenuptial agreement, Depp paid $7 million in the divorce settlement. Depp was previously married to Lori Allison from 1993 to 1985 and has had 5 partners from 1986 to 2012. He has 2 children, Lily-Rose Depp and John Christopher Depp lll with ex-partner, French musician, actress and model, Vanessa Paradis.

2. Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor looking like a happy couple at a photo shoot (left). Christine Taylor looking hot with low cut neckline dress (right).

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor met on the set at of “Heat Vision and Jack”. Stiller said that falling for Christine was unexpected and easy! They were married in 2000 and have two children together Quinlin Dempsey Stiller and Ella Olivia Stiller. Stiller and Taylor were on screen together in Curb Your Enthusiasm,  Arrested Development, Tropic Thunder, Zoolander 1 and 2, A true underdog story and  Dodgeball. In May 2017, the couple decided to separate but remain cordial and are raising their family together.

3. Howard Stern & Beth Ostrosky

Howard Stern with hot girlfriend Beth Ostrosky – the later revealing her bare sides with elegant sideless dress (left). Beth Ostrosky looking fabulous as ever with Howard Stern (right).

Everyone knows Howard Stern for his outrageous and obscene behaviour, especially on his radio show. He proposed to his girlfriend Beth Ostrosky on Valentine’s Day on his radio show and they got married in 2008 in New York City. Stern was previously married to actress, Alison Berns from 1978 to 20001. They have three children together, Emily Beth, Deborah Jennifer, and Ashley Jade. Alison married David Scott Simon after divorcing Stern. Howard is happily married to Beth and they have no children but have adopted 6 cats. Stern still works on the radio, and Ostrosky writes books for children and is a volunteer at various charities while Howard is still a radio personality.

4. Eddie Murphy & Nicole Mitchell Murphy

Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell – the later looking steamy with low-cut dress (left). Nicole Mitchell looking hot with sleeveless dress (right).

Model Nicole Mitchell and actor Eddie Murphy met at the NAACP Image Awards show in 1988. Their romance blossomed and in 1993, they got married in New York City. The couple had 5 children together but in 2006 their marriage ended in 2006. A few years later Nicole dated former pro-football player Michael Strahan, but that ended in 2014. Eddie dated before and after this relationship and had children with several partners, including Spice Girl, Melanie Brown. In 2012, Murphy started dating model-actress Paige Butcher and had his latest child, Izzy in 2016. That makes it a total of nine children for Murphy!

5. John Stamos & Rebecca Romijn

John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn looking fabulous while posing for a photoshoot (left). Rebecca Romjin looking fabulous with elegant dress. (right).

Supermodel Rebecca Romijn met John Stamos, “Uncle Jesse” from the sitcom “Full House” when the show ended. She was modelling for Victoria Secret and they met at a Victoria Secret fashion show in 1994. They were engaged a few years later, in 1997 and married in 1998. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in 2004 and they were divorced in 2005. Romijn married actor Jerry O’Connell in 2007 and has twin girls with him, Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip. Stamos never got remarried.

6. Kobe Bryant & Vanessa Laine Bryant

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Laine Bryant looking fabulous and posing for a photoshoot (left). Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Laine Bryant enjoying an NBA game (right).

Vanessa met Kobe while she was still a high school student. Kobe was in the building where she was playing an extra in a music video and it was not long before they were engaged. Her high school was surrounded by Paparazzi when their engagement was announced. They were married in 2001 when she was 19 and Kobe was 22. There were allegations of infidelity against Kobe but Vanessa stuck by his side. They have three girls together, Bianka, Gianna, and Natalia.

7. Elvis Presley & Priscilla Presley (Wagner)

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley (Wagner) posing for a photo shoot retro style (left). Priscilla Presley (Wagner) posing and looking beautiful in red dress (right).

Priscilla and Elvis, or the “King of Rock and Roll” met at his home in Germany while he was in the army, in 1959, when Pricilla was only in 14-years-old. They met at his home in Germany, while he was in the army. They remained in touch when he returned to the US, and she visited him a few times before moving into Graceland in 1963. Elvis married Priscilla in 1967 and they had a daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, a year later. Although they remained close, the couple got divorced in 1973, and Elvis died a few years later. Priscilla did not marry again but did have another child Navarone Garibaldi with entrepreneur, Marco Garibaldi who she was with from 1984 to 2006.

8. Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Esposito

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito looking fabulous in a photoshoot (left). Jennifer Esposito posing and photo shooting in a vacation island (right).

Bradley Cooper did not have overnight stardom, in fact he had a rocky start to his career. He did, however, manage to find a beautiful wife, actress Jennifer Esposito. They got engaged and married in 2006 but their marriage did not last and they were divorced the following year. Cooper started to date Russian model, Irina Shayk and they have a daughter, Lea de Seine.  Jennifer married Kate Winslet’s former boyfriend, Louis Dowler in 2014.

9. Robert Redford & Lola Van Wagenen

Lola Van Wagenen looking fabulous with Robert Redford in vintage black and white picture (right). Older Lola Van Wagenen (left).

Robert met Lola in 1957, and they tied the knot in a secret wedding in Las Vegas a short while later in 1958. They also had a very public ceremony in Provo, Utah just a few months after their Vegas wedding. The couple had four children together: Amy Hart Redford, David James “Jamie”, Shauna Jean and Scott Anthony. Their son Scott, unfortunately lost his life at only a few months of age of sudden infant syndrome. Despite Redford and Van Wagenen’s divorce in 1985, the couple stayed close are still in touch.

10. Robert De Niro & Diahnne Abbott

Random black and white photo of Robert De Niro and Diahnne Abbott (left). Dianne Abbot in later years (right).

People tend to think of Grace Hightower when they think of Robert De Niro’s wife. However, De Niromarried his first wife, Diahnne Abbot, in 1976 and they had son, Raphael and daughter DrenatogetherThey couple who married in 1976 and divorced 12 years later in 1988, were both famous for their roles in Taxi Driver. Abbott stayed out of the limelight since the divorce, while De Niro’sHollywood career has blossomed making him one of Hollywood’s hottest actors.

11. Anthony Hopkins & Stella Arroyave

Anthony Hopkins and Stella Arroyave looking fabulous in vintage black and white photo (left). Stella Arroyave in later years (right).

A highly respected and knighted actor Sir Anthony Hopkins is noted for his achievements in his long and successful acting career. His love life proved to be a little more challenging. He was married to actress, Petronella Barker, from 1966 to 1972 and they had a daughter Abigail. This was followed by a long marriage from 1973 to 2002 to production assistant Jennifer Lynton who helped him through his struggle with alcohol but refused to move to LA. Hopkins got third time lucky when he met his new wife, Columbian born antiques dealer, Stella Arroyave. They got married in Malibu in 2003 and Stella has also joined the industry as an actress and film producer.

12. John Travolta & Kelly Preston

John Travolta and Kelly Preston wedding picture (left). John Travolta and Keely Preston looking fabulous in photoshoot (right).

Soon after Kelly Preston’s first divorce, she met John Travolta on the set of The Experts where they and fell in love. The married 1991 and have three children together, Jett, Ella Bleu, and Benjamin. Sadly, in 2009, Jett died while on vacation and his parents founded the Jett Travolta Foundation which helps special needs children, in his memory. The birth of Benjemin in 2012 and the church of Scientology have helped the family deal with Jett’s death.

13. Gene Hackman & Betsy Arakawa

After 30 years of marriage, Gene Hackman and Faye Maltese decided to call it quits in 1986They have 3 children together, Christopher Allen, Elizabeth Jean and Leslie Anne Hackman. Hackman, who has since retired from his successful career, did find love again when he met musician, Betsy Arakawa, who he married in 1991. They are happily married and live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Gene Hackman and Betsy Arakawa looking fabulous in Hollywood (left). Gene Hackman and Betsy Arakawa in later years (right).