To prevent passengers from experiencing anything bad during the journey in the aircraft, flight attendants have to make sure their services are excellent and stable. Not only do they have to rapidly response to passengers’ needs, but they also need to stay charming as well as looking tidy and neat.

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A wonderful experience on the flight can surely be a good start of your holiday. Even if you are having a business trip, it can enhance your mood for work. To ensure every passenger can enjoy the best services, airlines have indeed created a set of strict rules for flight attendants to follow.

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Besides serving, or sometimes selling, beverages, meals and snacks, they need to take well care of every passenger. Flight attendances have other duties including demonstrating how to use the safety and emergency equipment and provide assistance in case of an emergency. It is really an exhausting job requiring a lot of hard work.

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Sitting is considered as a violation of the rule as well. It is never acceptable to show their tiredness to passengers either since that will badly affect their travelling mood. Hearing all these, do you wonder how they can be in the best state all the time on the flight?

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Thanks to the secret room, which can only be accessed by the crew of the airplane, they can refresh themselves when feeling exhausted. It is a tiny compartment right above passenger seats. In this small area, they can take a rest and do some grooming such as putting on some make-up.

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Mattresses and pillows are available too, so they can sleep there if they like. If a crew wants to have some private area, he or she can simply pull the curtains, which act as boundaries between the mattresses. They can chat with one another if they like too. This room is just their
private area.

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This compartment is described as a secret room because there are no windows.


No one outside this area can see what the crew are doing in it. Usually there is a door to separate this private room from any other areas of the flight and to avoid unnecessary access by outsiders, it is locked.

Only flight attendants can unlock the door, with a key or an access code, depending on the design of each plane. This measure aims at making sure flight attendants can feel secure and enable them to take a good-quality rest so that they can stay charming and keep smiling when serving passengers.

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Of course, they cannot hide themselves in this secret room all the time. They can only stay in it when they have finished serving passengers. When the airplane is landing or departing, for their own safety, they are not allowed to access this compartment either.

With the presence of this room, flight attendants can serve passengers with their very best working abilities and an enjoyable flight.

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