Nails do not really get much attention. They are very few people who only give attention to them or care for them. However, the majority of people in the world do not give a dime to how their fingernails would look because they just do not care! But did you know that nail can actually tell about your health? So if you ever look at your nails, you have noticed a few white dots on them.

Well, it is not like you fingernails are rotting but if you do notice some white dots on them, be certain that there’s something your body and health want you to know. Something may be going on inside your body, and you do not want it. On the other hand, white dots are not often alarming, yet at times, they are!

Sometimes, these dots could be alarming you. These dots occasionally indicate a condition that requires medical attention.

White spots fingernails

In many cultures around the world, people have made up different stories for these white spots. These stories have been retold for a long time. For example, in Germany, these white spots could tell you how long you’ll live. Not everyone really beeves this. Also, some people in the country believe that getting white spots could mean that a person is a liar.

The medical name for these white dots is leukonychia. If you think that these could just come and go, you are wrong as they will not just go like that! Moreover, people who get manicures often have a higher chance of getting these spots on their nails.

Some may also say that these white spots are bruises on the nail beds. If you pinch or hit a lot, then there is also a higher likelihood of you getting them. And if you do get them, they will stay for around a month! It may also indicate that you have a nutritional deficiency, which could be true.

The lines are also known as Muehrcke’s lines! So firstly these lines indicate that a person is suffering from malnutrition and the other thing that it could indicate is liver and kidney problem! And after that, there are nails called “half and half” nails which are white from the bottom but as they grow they start to turn into brown color! And these nails indicate that a person is suffering from kidney disease!

bad health of nails

And after that, there are Terry Nails which are more white at the bottom! And the brown part is present only at the tip of the nail, and such nails could indicate that a person might have the risk of suffering from diabetes, HIV, and heart disease. Well, all these are just some alarming things which should make you go to a doctor if you are suffering from any such conditions!


Even if it is nothing there you will be sure about it so never hesitate to go to a doctor! And caring for your nail is also very important which you can do by eating healthy food and giving sufficient intake of vitamins to your body! If you’ve found this information helpful, please share it with your friends.

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